For Successful Dialogue Practice.

Try the following:

  • Address the group as a whole. Avoid directing your words to one or two people.
  • Remember that it is most useful to listen, hear, and understand.
  • Avoid giving advice to any one.
  • Remember that a speaker is probably doing her or his best to be honest.
  • Avoid interrupting another. Your group has away of dealing with those who take up the time of others or who are not following the agreed upon the rules of your group.
  • Keep expenses to a minimum. Everyone helps take care of necessary expenses. Do your part.
  • Really listen to what another says. Improved understanding is a aim of your group.
  • Learn to listen well. You can gain greater listening skills.
  • Encourage everyone to say something at each meeting.
  • Usually limit speaking time to one or two minutes. It is great to have time to speak more than once at a single meeting.
  • Remember that focusing dialogue on personal experience is a good practice.
  • In the beginning get 9 or 10 persons to commit to attending 5 or 6 consecutive meetings.


The best time to start learning is now. We have a lot of skills to learn. “Practice makes perfect”

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