Colombia and Colombians: First Comments

Working from the Pocket Guide of Colombian Hostels I find that the Casa Platypus is a good place to sleep in Bogota. Bogota is a great big city and the capital of Colombia. The Casa Platypus is a hostel. A hostel is a kind of hotel designed for foreign travelers. I is a place to get useful information and to have a good chance of finding someone who speaks a language you know. The personnel are often welcoming people from far off lands. Their colonial (or republican) style building overlooks the a plaza called Parque de las Periodistas.

“Periodistas” can be translated as journalists. I find journalists to be an interesting breed which has not quite died out. “Died out” may not quite be the way to put it. World-wide, journalists seem to often to be killed before they can die a natural death. Assassinated mayy be the more honest word.

Journalists are being assassinated World-wide for doing their best to be honest. They would like to tell us the truth about what they see going on around them. They used to find out about goings on, happenings, and doings far and wide as well as close to home. They used to be able to tells about them without so often having to gamble their lives to do so.

Journalists have carried on their craft for a couple of hundred years. Some of them still try to inform us about that which is going on. However we have been killing, jailing them, imprisoning them, and hiring fewer of them per capita for decades. So, now we have fewer of them. I seem to remember that, as a boyscout, honesty was the best policy. Now, for our lack of responsibility or even interest, it is becoming a death sentence. What are we to tell our youth and children?

Rather than not getting the backstory, we get no story at all. What are we to tell ourselves. Shall we say that raising our children in ignorance is for the best?

It seems that I have heard of a Parque de las Periodistas i other Colombian cities. I may try to learn more about them. But, who will care?

It seems that this park in the Candelaria section of Bogota has been dedicated to a good, honest, and careful journalist whom you my know as a famous modern novelist. That novelist is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He is an admirer of those who practice journalism and has backed-up his admiration with solid support.

One can’t even go to bed in Colombia without learning something.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill II



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