War Is Worth a thought

We can be justified in making war to save our children. There are a great many ways to protect our children and war is often not the the most just or effective way of doing so.

Warring is seldom the best way to take care of our loved ones. It seems good to think well before deciding to maim and kill. It seems wrong to main and kill without to do so.

War causes strife. I makes life worse and tends to confuse people. War increase quarrel and contention in our world. War is a state of active antagonism. War is a condition of prolonged armed conflict for the purpose of killing people and destroying their resources. In war we kill and main others. It makes those who live angry and vengeful.

War can destroy union and culture.

In war we destroy puppies and kitten in ugly ways. We destroy libraries, schools, and children. We destroy ponds and baby ducks. We destroy farms and farmer’s daughters. We cause me to kill women.We ask our very young men to kill the loved ones of other young men. Making wars makes madness and enemies.

Who is responsible for these wars made on people by people?

Let’s think about our wars.

Hell on earth. We make a hell of our world.





by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill



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