When We Are Willing to Talk

In the US a new farm bill comes along every five years or so and I am yet to witness a national dialogue or debate on it. The bill does not only effect our national debt, but also what we eat and how much our food costs. It may determine the price of rice in Vietnam and the price of corn in Mexico. It is our main strategy for feeding ourselves. We have never taken the time to talk about it!

Most of us, including our legislators, consider it boring, incomprehensible, and boring.

We don’t have to be this way. We can educate ourselves. We can create bills that are much easier for us to understand and we can talk over the issues and our policy. When we find the bills easier to understand we may find them more interesting. We may find ourselves giving our children a better chance of eating well.

The farm bill is important. It is our farm bill. We can benefit from by putting our agricultural policy in better alignment with our public health needs and our environmental needs. If we cared enough we could make it easier to to feed our children high quality fresh food. We could make sure that farmers got fair prices and not distorting subsides.

When we are willing to talk to on another, we can get our issues on the table where we can look them over. It is time to simplify the process to make it more beneficial for us.

Among people who are not slaves, it seems important to take responsibility to expand the circle of citizens who decide how we shall get the food we need and want. When we do not take care of our food needs, they are not cared for.

Thanks to Michael for his Inspiration.

“How am I”, you ask, “to care of our food supply?” You already know the answer to that question. The answer is, of course, that you cannot. We, we need organization to do things for ourselves. We, we need to organize and divide up the work that needs doing.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill



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