Do we support slave masters in the United States? Do we have more prisoners per capita than any other country on earth or more than nearly any country on earth? Are many of our prisoners forced to work for less than a dollar an hour? I believe so.

Are prisoners  in a sort of master serf or master slave situation. I don’t know, but if I felt that working for persons I did like, for a less than a dollar an hour, was the best choice I had, I might feel like a slave. I do no believe that I would be rehabilitated by such work.

I wonder who benefits most, economically, from such prison work. I do not think that making, say, license plates as a prisoner would be the favorite work of many. I think that many of the private prisons we have created have prisoner work (slave?) programs. I wonder who benefits most from these arrangements.

Anyway, you and I aren’t slaves. Are we masters!

Who runs this outfit?


by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill


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