Civics for the Brave and the Free

Civics includes the study and practice of the rights and duties of citizenship. Civics is much about the things we do which affects our fellow citizens. Is there civics teaching in a school near you?

It is useful to remember that civility is an important part of effective civics and politics.

We can benefit and profit by learning>                                                                                             ~ More of “civility.”                                                                                                                                ~ some collaborative leadership.                                                                                                        ~ about consensus building.                                                                                                                ~ a deeper level of tolerance.                                                                                                                ~ about sources of conflict.                                                                                                                  ~ how people who are fundamentally different from one another can develop sensitivities that will enable us to get along with a person different from us.

We are at our best when we>                                                                                                              ~ are listening.                                                                                                                                        ~ are working in partnership with others.                                                                                      ~ lead by example.                                                                                                                                ~ have the courage to be appropriately humble.

Learn, educate yourself, find out what others have to say, organize, plan, act.

We have a lot to learn. An old aunt of mine used to say that by beginning we are half way there. Once one begins one does one’s best to keep on keeping on.

Civics? Try it where you live.


by Richard Sheehan                                                                                                                              for Mago Bill






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