Dialogue Practice Notes

Dialogue Practice is not a:
~ place to make a particular point prevail.
~ debate or discussion.
~ an attempt to gain points.
~ game to win or lose.

A dialogue practice group is a way:
~ to an activity which helps us to be us.
~ through the meaning of word.
~ to an honest supportive activity.
~ to greater awareness and enhanced consciousness.
~ to hone your listening skills.
~ to develop new speaking skills.
~ to practice effective methods of communicating.
~ to cultural preservation, growth, and creativity.
~ of making a healthy effective society more probable.
~ To meet interesting people in an interesting environment.
~ Of putting honest thoughts on the table where we can look at them and begin to find their meaning.
~ of finding pleasure in speaking up.
~ to understanding among us and within us.
~ to satisfying relationships.
~ to exchange idea and opinion.
~ to share experience.
~ to more effective communication outside the group.
~ to practice a “second” language.
~ to peace and good-will.
~ for us to see our words as gifts.
~ to keep a stream of meaning flowing among us.

According to David Bohm, dialogue practice is:
~ participating in a flow of meaning between us, through us, and among us.
~ an activity out of which emerges new and renewed understanding.
~ an activity which helps us to be us.

by Richard Sheehan
for Mago Bill

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